2023 Results

Congratulations to all our amazing winners!

Thank you for a wonderful Music City Invitational 2023!

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2023 Placements

2023 Pro Placements


Top Teacher Awards WINNERS
Top Teacher Overall- 1st Steven Parker
Top Teacher Overall- 2nd Eric Bradley
Top Teacher Overall- 3rd Devan McClish
Top Teacher Overall- 4th Vincent Ballard
Top Teacher Overall- 5th Kay Marrs
Top Teacher Overall- 6th Beth Cofer
Top Teacher Overall- 7th Beth Cofer
Top Youth Overall Mason Greenwell & Maggie Elrod
Top Teddybear Female Nadiya McCaskill
Top Preteen Female Natalya McCaskill
Top Bronze Male Robert Hobbs
Top Bronze Female Pat Houseman
Top Silver Male Justin Mosley
Top Silver Female Julie Bridenbaugh
Top Gold Female Terri Everett
Top Amateur Couple Overall Bennie Smith & Jennifer Kelley
Top Youth Overall Mason Greenwell & Maggie Elrod
Top Newcomer Male David Mitchell
Top Newcomer Female Julie Bridenbaugh
Top Bronze Male David Kemp
Top Bronze Female Elaine Krieger
Top Bronze Amateur Couple John & Yvonne Gamble
Top Newcomer Overall Cherie Hammond
Top Showcase Solo Overall Wanda Carter 95.67 Black Velvet
Top Solo Overall John Gamble 95.83 Lil Red Riding Hood
Top Bronze Solo Male  Robert Hobbs 94.67 Kiss From A Rose
Top Bronze Solo Female Wanda Carter 95.33 My Favorite Things
Top Silver Solo Female Julie Bridenbaugh 95.33 Hold My Hand
Top Gold Solo Female – 3 Way Tie Terri Everett 95.33 Honey I’m Good
95.33 I Want You to Want Me
95.33 Black Lane, Blue Lights
Top Showcase Spectacular Overall Cherie Hammond 96.33 Romeo & Juliet
Top Bronze Spectacular Male Robert Hobbs 96 The Dark Knight
Top Bronze Spectacular Female Mary Mumme 95.33 Sound of Silence
Top  Spectaluar Overall John Gamble 95.7 Green Eyes & Red Sunglasses
Top Overall Cha Cha Ariana Leblanc
The Mr. Peters Award for Organization Beth Cofer
The Iron Woman Award for Stength & Endurance Mary Mumme
The Iron Man Award for Stength & Endurance Stephen Parker
The Lion Heart Award for Fortitude Michelle Echevarria
The Brandon Hardison Award for Enthusiasm Tye Johnson
Top Studio OVERALL Let’s Dance
Top Studio MED Rapid City
Top Studio Sm Ballroom Dance Studios
Showcase Scholarship 1ST Cherie Hammond 96.33
Showcase Shcolarship 2ND Robert Hobbs 96
Showcase Scholarship 3RD Wanda Carter 95.67
Best of the Best Bronze Showdance G-C Robert Hobbs
Best of the Best Bronze Showcase L-A Calleigh Minor
Best of the Best Bronze Showcase G-C Robert Hobbs
Best of the Best Theater Arts 1ST – AC-A Mason Greenwell & Maggie Elrod
Professional Open Division
American Rhythm 1ST Shane & Shannon Jenson
American Rhythm 2ND Nicholas & Nora Garcia
American Rhythm 3RD Jack Gardner & Rachel Miller
American Rhythm 4TH Vincent Ballard & Joi Williams
American Rhythm 5TH Alexis & Najera
American Rhythm 6TH Vickers & Lily Elkin
American Smooth 1ST Alex Romonov & Anna Blagodyreva
American Smooth 2ND Shane & Shannon Jenson
American Smooth 3rd Nicholas & Nora Garcia
Theatre Arts 1ST Shane & Shannon Jenson
Theatre Arts 2ND Devan & Brooke McClish
Open Latin 1ST Spadoni & Caporale
Show Dance 1ST Shane & Shannon Jenson
Show Dance 2ND Alex Romonov & Anna Blagodyreva
Professional CLOSED Division Couple
American 4 dance 1ST Nicholas & Nora Garcia
American 4 dance 2ND Jack Gardner & Rachel Miller
American 4 dance 3RD Vickers & Medeiros
American 4 dance 4TH Johnson & Addison
American 4 dance 5TH Cuebas & Lily Elkin
American 4 dance 6TH Manterola & Platt
Top 20 Dancesport Series Winners
  1. Mary Mumme
  2. Pat Houseman
  3. Robert Hobbs
  4. Julie Bridenbraugh
  5. John Gamble
  6. Nancy Grimes
  7. Ariana Leblanc
  8. Charles Durand
  9. Robin Jardina
  10. Lora Lee Stewart
  11. Cherie Hammond
  12. Nancy Bartley
  13. Cathy Peters
  14. Ashley Fowler
  15. Teri Everett
  16. Bennie Smith
  17. Wanda Carter
  18. Calleigh Minor
  19. LeeAnn Crabtree
  20. Jennifer Kelley
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