2017 Results

Congrats to all our amazing winners! Thank you for a wonderful 2017 Music City Invitational! View event photos on our Facebook page

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2017 MCI Winners

Top Student OverallMary Keen
Top Solo OverallStephen Kough 
Top Spec OverallStephen Kough
Top Teacher Overall1st Vincent Ballard
Top Teacher Overall2nd Alfred Perratta
Top Teacher Overall3rd Jay Holmes
Top Teacher Overall4th Drew McElyea
Top Teacher Overall5th Sam Myers
Top Teacher Overall6th David Westover
Top Teacher Overall7th Darian Chancellor
Top Teacher Overall8th Chris Rose
Top Teacher Overall9th Carl Madanchi
Top Teacher Overall10th Dusty Johnson
Top Studio SM Go Dance
Top Studio LG Murfreesboro
Top Junior Male Aiden Carbine
Top Junior FemaleNatalya McCakill
Top Youth Male Josiah McCaskill
Top Youth FemaleLinda Gail
Top Newcomer MaleTom Jones
Top Newcomer Female Donna Walker
Top Newcomer Amateur CoupleRory Tiller & Marne Matysek
Top Bronze MaleStephen Kough
Top Bronze FemalePat Houseman
Top Bronze Amateur Couple Jim & Beverly Calder
Top Silver Male Dan Coen
Top Silver Female Sonia Smithson
Top Silver Amateur Couple Steve & Joyce Samples
Top Gold FemaleDorris Ziehr
Top Bronze Solo MaleTim McCoy
Top Bronze Solo FemaleJennie Walls
Top Bronze Solo Amateur CoupleTerry & Ann Cobb
Top Silver Solo MaleDan Coen
Top Silver Solo FemaleSally Childs
Top Silver Solo Amateur CoupleSteve & Joyce Samples
Top Gold Solo FemalePatty Rogers
Top Bronze Spectacular MaleTim McCoy
Top Bronze Spectacular FemaleCarol McAlpine
Top Bronze Spectacular ACTerry & Ann Cobb
Top Silver Spectacular MaleDan Coen
Top Silver Spectacular FemaleBetsy Bradley
Top Gold Spectacular FemaleDorris Zierh
The Mr. Peters Award - For OrganizationDarian Chancellor
The Brandon Hardison Award - For EnthusiasmJay Holmes
Strength & Endurance Iron ManVincent Ballard

Professional Results

Theater Arts
1st Clyde C. Harris & Summer Elkin
2nd Jamie Black & Robin Ray
3rd Stanislav Morozov & Kseniia Tashkinova
4th Joel Thomas & Samantha Elliott
5th Dusty Johnson & Ellie Grohoske
6th Ian Meeks & Brooke Mortimer
7th Alfred Perratta & Sloan Cobb
8th Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea
Show Dance
1st Craig Johnston & Katherine Hutchinson
2nd Vincent Ballard & Chelsea Knutson
3rd Daniel Whitmer & Samantha Elliott
International Standard
1st Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea
2nd Jeffery Bryant & Elizabeth Bailey
3rd Andrew Stockton & Kristin Hicks
4th Vincent Ballard & Caralena Hermes
5th Riley Wingate & Kyrie Palmer
American 4 Dance
1st Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea
2nd Darian Chancellor & Shayne Collins
3rd Clyde C. Harris & Brooke Mortimer
4th Jeffery Bryant & Elizabeth Bailey
5th Jay Holmes & Byanna Najeria
6th Andrew Stockton & Rachel Smith​
American Rhythm
1st Craig Johnston & Katherine Hutchinson
2nd Stanislav Morozov & Kseniia Tashkinova
3rd Ian Meeks & Samantha Myers
4th Clyde C. Harris & Brooke Mortimer
5th Tim Polascheck & Ellie Grohoske
6th Vincent Ballard & Chelsea Knutson
American Smooth
1st Darian & Tiffany Chancellor
2nd Jake & Megan Lavender
3rd Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea
4th Carl & Christa Madanchi
5th Jeffery Bryant & Rachel Smith
6th Vince Schulz & Stefani Cinto
7th Andrew Stockton & Kristin Hick