2019 Results

Congrats to all our amazing winners! Thank you for a wonderful 2019 Music City Invitational! View event photos on our Instagram page

2019 MCI Winners

Top Teacher Overall- 1st Medal/CrownVincent BallardMboro
Top Teacher Overall- 2nd MedalBen CunninghamBwood
Top Teacher Overall- 3rd MedalClyde HarrisFkln
Top Teacher Overall- 4th MedalRyan WinslowCelebrity
Top Teacher Overall- 5th MedalJamie BlackWCP H
Top Teacher Overall- 6th MedalAlfred PerrattaBwood
Top Teacher Overall- 7th MedalDrew McElyeaGo Dance
Top Teacher Overall- 8th MedalCarl MadanchiMboro
Top Teacher Overall- 9th MedalBeth CoferLet's Dance
Top Teacher Overall- 10th MedalStaz DawsonBmeade
Top Studio LG BannerNDC BRENTWOOD 
Top Studio SMBannerJOHNSON CITY 
Top Newcomer MaleJade TrophyMaurice Jones 
Top Newcomer FemaleJade TrophyDarla Jackson 
Top Newcomer Amateur Couple Jade TrophyTom & Ann Slaughter 
Top Bronze MaleJade TrophyCharles Durand 
Top Bronze FemaleJade TrophyPat Houseman 
Top Bronze Amateur CoupleJade TrophySam Santoro & Mary Zutter 
Top Silver MaleJade TrophyDan Coen 
Top Silver FemaleJade TrophyMary Keen 
Top Silver Amateur CoupleJade TrophyRon & Janet Erickson 
Top Gold FemaleJade TrophyConnie Tucker 
Top Student OverallJade Swirl TrophyApril FordHIGH QUEEN CROWN

Spec or solo & score

Top Bronze Solo MaleJade TrophyDarryl Yochem 94.67Aint No Mountain High enough
Top Bronze Solo Female Jade TrophyBrea Cox 96.67Wake me up before you gogo
Top Silver Solo MaleJade TrophyDan Coen 93.67Shall We Dance
Top Silver Solo Female Jade TrophySusan Bennett 96James Brown
Top Silver Solo Amateur CoupleJade TrophyKendall & Susan Bennett 96.33Say you wont let go
Top Gold Solo Female Jade TrophyPatty Rogers 97.33Rewrite the stars
Top Solo OverallJade Swirl TrophyKendall Bennett 97.67Holding Out For a Hero
Top Showcase Solo OverallJade Swirl TrophyPatty Rogers 97.33Rewrite the stars
Top Bronze Spectacular MaleJade TrophyTom Heath 93.7The Artist
Top Bronze Spectacular FemaleJade TrophyValerie Kibler 95.0Pure Imagination
Top Bronze Spectacular ACJade TrophySam Santoro & Mary Zutter 94.0Escualo
Top Silver Spectacular MaleJade TrophyDan Coen 94.7Dream Waltz
Top Silver Spectacular FemaleJade TrophyDarla Jackson 95.67Mama Mia
Top Spec OverallJade Swirl TrophyCarol McAlpine 97.7Life is like a bowl of cherries
Top Showcase OverallJade Swirl TrophyPat Houseman 96Welcome to Wonderland

Miscellaneous Awards

enthusiasm- Brandon HardisonMedalJAMIE BLACK 
Life time Achievement- Lawrence ElkinGiant TrophyJIM PETERS 
Showcase Scholarship 1ST - CrownCROWNPatty Rogers 97.33REWRITE THE STARS
Showcase Shcolarship 2ND Brea Cox 96.67WAKE ME UP BEFOR YOU GOGO
Showcase Scholarship 3RD Rosanne Kappa 96.33FOOT LOOSE
Best of the Best Showcase 1ST - crownTom & Ann Slaughter YUKI CROWNS

Professional Awards

American Rhythm1st Jonathan ChenJuanita SimenakovaSimenakova
American Rhythm2ndVincent BallardTania PerezMboro
American Rhythm3rdStaz DawsonJackie GonyeaBmeade
American Rhythm4thRyan JacksonEmily LoganWCP
American Rhythm5thIvan GartchevLeah BoresowBoresow
American Rhythm6thAndrew BelbinErin ScullyDance Center of Chicago
American Smooth1st Dimitrii ZacialovKatt BaumgartnerFADS Ft Lauderdale
American Smooth2ndGage ClarkRandi NicoleOur Dance Studio
American Smooth3rdStaz DawsonJackie GonyeaBmeade
American Smooth4thCarl MadanchiChrista MadanchiMboro
American Smooth5thDusty JohnsonEllie GrohoskeWCP
American Smooth6thAndrew StocktonRachel SmithBmeade
Theatre Arts1st Jamie BlackSam ElliottWCP
Theatre Arts2ndGerard GoreEllie GrohoskeWCP
Theatre Arts3rdStaz DawsonJackie GonyeaBmeade
Theatre Arts4thJoel ThomasSamantha BarakatWCP
Show Division    
Show Dance1st Vincent TaniaMboro
Show Dance2ndDan SandersonKritstin HicksBmeade
Closed Division    
Int'l Standard1st Staz DawsonJackie GonyeaBmeade
Int'l Standard2ndAndrew StocktonRachel SmithBmeade
Int'l Standard3rdStephen LipfordShayne CollinsJohnson City
Int'l Standard4thIan HoffmanMelissa HouskaRapid City
American 4 dance1st Jay HolmesAustyn EvansDance Life
American 4 dance2ndAndrew StocktonRachel SmithBmeade
American 4 dance3rdVincent BallardTania PerezMboro
American 4 dance4thAndrew BelbinErin ScullyDance Center of Chicago
American 4 dance5th Gerard GoreSamantha BarakatWCP
American 4 dance6th Randy ThomasMersey Fulper SmithBmeade

Professional Results

Theater Arts
1st Clyde C. Harris & Summer Elkin
2nd Jamie Black & Robin Ray
3rd Stanislav Morozov & Kseniia Tashkinova
4th Joel Thomas & Samantha Elliott
5th Dusty Johnson & Ellie Grohoske
6th Ian Meeks & Brooke Mortimer
7th Alfred Perratta & Sloan Cobb
8th Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea
Show Dance
1st Craig Johnston & Katherine Hutchinson
2nd Vincent Ballard & Chelsea Knutson
3rd Daniel Whitmer & Samantha Elliott
International Standard
1st Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea
2nd Jeffery Bryant & Elizabeth Bailey
3rd Andrew Stockton & Kristin Hicks
4th Vincent Ballard & Caralena Hermes
5th Riley Wingate & Kyrie Palmer
American 4 Dance
1st Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea
2nd Darian Chancellor & Shayne Collins
3rd Clyde C. Harris & Brooke Mortimer
4th Jeffery Bryant & Elizabeth Bailey
5th Jay Holmes & Byanna Najeria
6th Andrew Stockton & Rachel Smith​
American Rhythm
1st Craig Johnston & Katherine Hutchinson
2nd Stanislav Morozov & Kseniia Tashkinova
3rd Ian Meeks & Samantha Myers
4th Clyde C. Harris & Brooke Mortimer
5th Tim Polascheck & Ellie Grohoske
6th Vincent Ballard & Chelsea Knutson
American Smooth
1st Darian & Tiffany Chancellor
2nd Jake & Megan Lavender
3rd Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea
4th Carl & Christa Madanchi
5th Jeffery Bryant & Rachel Smith
6th Vince Schulz & Stefani Cinto
7th Andrew Stockton & Kristin Hick

“Music City Invitational had another magnificent year. Contestants and spectators alike entered a magical world of the Enchanted Palace.  For over 20 years, the National Dance Clubs has had the privilege of hosting the annual ballroom dance competition in March.  The magnificent Hutton Hotel, in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, served as the backdrop for the weekend activities.

The stage was set with a drawbridge entrance to the competition.  In the Music City Invitational ballroom, the Officials’ gallery of regal portraits lining the ballroom set everyone abuzz.  And, two fabulous, gilded thrones graced the head of dance floor.   Everything prepared participants for a truly other-worldly competition weekend

The competition ballroom was transformed into an Enchanted Palace and had everyone feeling like a prince or a princess.  But, MCI had real ballroomroyalty in the presence of Arunas Bizokas & Katusha Demidova.  Nothing projects nobility and romance like a tail suit and a ballgown.  Suave, graceful, and aristocratic, Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova have held the title of World Professional Standard Ballroom Champions 2007 through 2014.  And, they are the U.S. National Dancesport Champions in Professional Standard holding the title 2007 through 2014. Truly, they made the fairy-tale setting come to life with their sweeping performance at the competition Saturday evening.


This year’s Music City Invitational competitors simply sparkled on the dance floor!  Both familiar faces and new ones lit up the competition.  And, judging by the smiles on their faces, everyone had a wonderful time.   Every year seems to top the last.  Make sure to save the date for next year’s Music City Invitational on March 19-22, 2020! Who knows what surprises are in store for us next year.

Make sure to check out the Music City Invitational Instagram page for more images as well as Stephen Marino’s page for photos.”